Terms and Conditions



Our travel Agency acts as a mediator between the pilgrims and the various entities used in the organization of the pilgrimages (airlines, cruise lines, hotels, local travel agencies, etc.) and between any other third party operators offering services for the smooth execution of each pilgrimage program. Our Agency does not have direct control on these third party operators and therefore bears no responsibility in cases of failures, faults and organizational problems occurring from these third parties involved in the execution of the pilgrimage program.  In case for example of a cancellation of an air flight or ferry route (our office bears no responsibility for any changes, delays or cancellations of flights or ferry routes, aircraft type change or ship, flight program change, etc.) Airlines may modify routes and types of aircraft without any warning. The same goes for ferry boat companies. The terms listed on the back of the plane ticket directly bind the airline towards you. Our Agency has a mediating role. Our Agency is not also liable for defects in the execution of the pilgrimage and events occurring which are not attributable to our office such as in events of force majeure (war, adverse weather conditions, strikes, hijacking, natural disasters, etc.). Any expenses from alterations or extensions of the program resulting from such events will be covered by the participants (pilgrims/travellers). Our Agency is not responsible for any accidents, diseases due to climate conditions, epidemics, poisonings, criminal acts, theft of objects, loss of luggage, money or passports, damage to baggage etc. However our Agency makes every effort to deal with such situations.




a) Participants are solely responsible for timely issuing and safekeeping all necessary travel documents (passport, visa, etc.). It is their responsibility to guard and supervise their valuable items (cameras, money etc.) throughout the duration of the pilgrimage.


b) Participants are responsible to be present on the exact time of departure for and from the various sites and events of the program (excursions, tours, transfers, flights, meals, etc.). The leader of the pilgrimage is entitled to leave without them, respecting others pilgrims – travellers and in order to keep the compliance of the program. In this case, participants are not entitled to any compensation. If participants miss an event of the pilgrimage, they are responsible for covering any extra expenses incurred (eg taxi hire).


c) Participants are not able to edit the trip or accommodation during the pilgrimage tour.




Our Agency recommends that participants purchase a travel insurance to cover any expenses occurring from unfortunate events such as accidents, illness, criminal act, loss of life or other loses.




Hotels are classified in different star categories according to the tourist body of the country they belong to, but because there are no internationally accepted criteria for star classification, it is reasonable that hotels may differ in quality even if they belong to the same category. Our Agency has reserved mostly double rooms. For single rooms there is an extra charge which is covered by the participants. Check in and out of the hotel rooms is at 12:00 regardless of the arrival or departure time of the group.




Pilgrimage tour to Cyprus-Holy Land includes two meals (half board), usually breakfast and dinner at each hotel. In most cases, it will be a fixed meal or buffet. It will not be mandatory to stop for lunch during the day. No reimbursement is provided for meals not received by participants.

The pilgrimage tour in Greece includes only breakfast in every hotel stay.




Luggage is recommended to be as light and small as possible. Weight should not exceed 30 kg per suitcase in intercontinental flights and 20 kg per suitcase in all other flights. If overweight, participants are required to pay the difference. Participants can also hold a small handbag, the dimensions of which must not exceed 53 x 26 x 23 cm (length – height -width).




The agency reserves the right to make changes to the program although without altering or omitting something from it. In the rare event of any cancellation, our agency bears no responsibility. We are in communication with the Monasteries to ensure the smooth running of the itinerary.