Pilgrimage Holy Land May 2018








Day 1st , Monday 14 May                          ATHENS -TEL AVIV-BETHLEHEM

We depart from Athens Airport El. Venizelos to Tel Aviv (16:30). We will arrive in Tel Aviv airport (18:30) and we will depart for our hotel in the Bethlehem. Dinner.
1st Overnight stay

2nd Day, Tuesday 15 May                          BETHLEHEM

Breakfast. We will depart for the Holy Sites of the Bethlehem area. We will venerate the Nativity cave, the place where Jesus was born in the basilica of Bethlehem. We will continue our tour in Bethlehem by visiting the village of the Shepherds and venerate their tombs. We will visit St. Sabba’s Monastery (Lavra). We will venerate the Holy Monastery of St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch where the Holy cave of the Three Wise Men (Magi) was found. We will then return to our hotel for dinner. On that very night we will have the opportunity to attend the vigil at the Holy Sepulchre for Apodosis of Pascha.
2nd Overnight stay

3rd Day, Wednesday 16 May                      JERUSALEM

Breakfast. In the morning we will depart for various Holy Sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. In the Church of the Resurrection, we venerate the Holy Sepulchre in the Church of the Resurrection, the horrible Golgotha, the Deposition from the cross as well as the other holy pilgrimage sites of the temple. Departing from the temple we will venerate the icon (body of Theotokos) in the Metochion of Gethsemane. We will continue on Via Dolorosa where Christ himself walked in the road of martyrdom and venerate His Prison in the Praetorium. We will also visit St. Peter’s Prison, St. Joachim and St. Anna’s house where Theotokos (Mother of God) was born as well as the Ovine Baptismal site. We will then return to our hotel for dinner.
3rd Overnight stay

4th Day, Thursday 17 May                        MOUNT OF OLIVES – MOUNT ZION

In the morning, we will attend the Divine Liturgy in the Holy Monastery of the Ascension for the feast. After that, we will go on a pilgrimage in the Tomb of Theotokos in Gethsemane. Next, we will be visiting various Holy shrines on the Mount of Olives , we will visit the place where Lord prayed in agony and was captured by the authorities. We will then visit the Holy Monastery of St. Stephen, in the place where St Stephen martyred. We will venerate the Rock of the Ascension, the Holy Monastery the Men of Galilee and we will have a panoramic view to the city of Jerusalem and we will visit the Russian Monastery of St. Mary Magdalene. Next, in Mount Zion we visit the Upper Room where the Last Supper took place. We will also see the tomb of King David, the home of Saint John the Theologian where Theotokos “slept” and The Patriarchal School of Zion. We will then return to our hotel for dinner.
4th Overnight stay

5th Day, Friday 18 May                             GALILEE

After breakfast in our hotel, we will depart for Samareia to visit the Well of Jacob. There, Christ, tired from his journey, asked the Samaritan woman for some water. Within the Monastery we will venerate the relic of Hieromartyr Philoumenus who was martyred next to the Well on the 29th November 1979. We will then depart for Galilee in the northern part of Israel. We will visit the actual spot of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Mount Tabor. We will also visit the Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos in Nazareth and the Church of Archangel Gabriel. There, we will witness the well where the angel announced the joyful message of the Incarnation of Christ to young Mary. East of Nazareth, towards the Lake of Tiberias, we will visit the small town of Cana of Galilee where the Lord performed His first miracle turning water into wine at His friend’s wedding. Inside the Church, we will find two of the six stone urns of the miraculous event. We will then depart for Capernaum and venerate the Holy Monastery of the Holy Apostles, which is built on the spot where Lord treated the paralytic of Capernaum. On the way, we will see the Eptapigo, the Mount of Beatitudes and the beautiful city of Tiberias. In Capernaum, we will visit the Holy Monastery of the Holy Apostles which was built at the exact spot where Christ appeared to His disciples after the Resurrection. There, He guided His disciples to throw their fishing nets and catch many fish. We will then return to our hotel for dinner.
5th Overnight stay

6th Day, Saturday 19 May                         JERUSALEM

After breakfast, we will depart for Oreini (En Karem) the birthplace of John the Baptist. After that, we will depart for the Monastery of the Holy Cross, at that site Lot planted three trees a pine, a cypress and a cedar which grew together to form one big tree. The True Cross was made from this tree. Following that, we will depart for the Katamon area where we will visit the Monastery of St. Simeon Theodochos and we will also visit the Monastery of Prophet Elijah located on a hill outside Jerusalem. After that, we will visit the monastery of St. Onouphrios in potter’s field. We will then return to our hotel for dinner. On that very night we will have the opportunity to attend the vigil at the Holy Sepulchre.
6th Overnight stay

7th Day, Sunday 20 May                          JERUSALEM – SINAI

In the morning we will depart for Israel-Egypt border. After the relevant procedures we will cross the border to Egypt. Boarding the Bus, heading south to Sinai Peninsula, we depart for Saint Catherine’s Monastery. We check-in at the hotel. In the afternoon we will attend vespers in the main church of the monastery. Dinner. Following, there is an optional hike up to the top of the holy mount Horeb (2.240 m). This is the sacred place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, who spoke to him many times. Return to the hotel for dinner.
7th Overnight stay

8th Day, Monday 21 May                        SINAI

In the morning, we will attend the Divine Liturgy, and then we will venerate the Holy Relics of St. Catherine and receive from the monks rings who traditionally give as blessing to the pilgrims. We will also see various Holy Sites within the Monastery’s compound, the Ossuary, the Burning Bush but not consumed Bush, we will admire the library and the art gallery of the monastery and Jethro’s well. In the evening we will attend the vespers in the Katholicon of the Monastery . After that there is an optional visit in the Palm Skete. Return to the hotel. Dinner.
8th Overnight stay

9th Day, Tuesday 22 May                          SINAI-JERUSALEM

In the morning we will attend the Divine Liturgy which is performed daily in the main church of St. Catherine’s monastery for over 1500 years. Following, we will depart for the Egypt-Israel borders. Arrival in the hotel. Dinner.
9th Overnight stay

10th Day, Wednesday 23 May               JERICHO – BETHANY

After breakfast, we will depart for the Holy Sites found in the Jericho area. We will visit the Monastery of St. George and St. John the Chozebites (Chozeba) located beside the Chorath stream from which Prophet Elijah was drinking water, when ordered from God to hide in the dessert for 3,5 years to escape the wrath of the wicked Kings. Also, in the monastery we will visit the cave where St. Joachim prayed located above the Monastery’s main Church (Katholicon). For that reason, the Monastery was dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin. Then we will visit the Jordan River where we will attend the service of the Blessing of the Water. Following that, we will visit the Monastery of St. Gerasimos the Jordanite after that we will take the cable car (or hike, optionally) to Mount Sarantario where the Lord spent 40 days in fasting and prayer before His temptations. We will also visit the monastery of Prophet. Elisha, the sycamore of Zacchaeus, the tax collector, all located near the city of Jericho. On our way back to our hotel, we will the visit Bethany the home country of St. Lazarus, the Monastery of Martha and Mary and the Tomb of St. Lazarus. We will then return to our hotel. Dinner.
10th Overnight stay

11th Day, Thursday 24 May                     TEL AVIV–ATHENS

After breakfast, we will stroll to the Old City of Jerusalem for the last commemorative shopping. We will also have time for a visit in the Holy Sepulchre. In the city of Lydda we will venerate the Tomb and Holy Relics of St. George. After that we depart for Ben Gurion airport on our scheduled flight to Athens at 19:20. Arrive at airport of El. Venizelos in Athens at 21:30. That will end of the pilgrimage tour.

Note: The agency reserves the right to make changes to the program although without altering or omitting something from it. In the rare event of any cancellation, our agency bears no responsibility. We are in communication with the Monasteries to ensure the smooth running of the itinerary.



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