Greek Islands

A country blessed by God. A country of unique natural beauty – lush forests, clear blue seas full of islands, sandy beaches, lakes, rivers – and a rich history. Greece is the cradle of the western civilization and its history left an indelible stamp in the history of mankind. The greatest legacy of GREECE however, is Orthodoxy. This is demonstrated by the fact that the Orthodox Church has produced thousands of Saints and Martyrs. It is pertinent to mention what a modern thinker noted: “If we were to analyse a handful of Greek soil, we would identify DNA from the blood of the martyrs who died for their Orthodox Faith and their Country, but also tears and sweats from people who lived an ascetic life”.

GREECE is a truly blessed place! There is not a point in Greek territory that does not have to show a local Saint, a miraculous image, a monastery, a hero … Each span of GREECE is a pilgrimage site!

Mount Athos, Our Lady’s Garden is found here. A place of ascesis and prayer. A place where God is worshiped night and day and monks pray unceasingly “for the peace of the whole world”.


As a Greek song has it:

“Ages ago, with bay leaves, crowned with light,

eternal Greece passes to the seven heavens

flooding the universe with light.

Blue sea, green mountains, golden the noon burns.

Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere in the summer

nowhere it ‘s so beautiful and bright, bright.

Blue country, God has given you

bravery, beauty, your strength

your light scattered in the world to remind

the brilliance of His own paradise … “

GREECE. It is a place where hospitality is not just a social manner, but a way of life! A place that you can discover something new every time!